• Complex retail service in stores
  • Replenishment of goods according to schedules,
    returning of faulty goods
  • Installations of shelves and racks, POS materials
  • Placement of goods on the shelves
    in accordance with norms
  • Stock management monitoring


We offer complex services all around the Czech Republic and Slovakia and to a lesser extent also in Poland and Germany.



is the work with goods in the area of the store with a clear aim - to guarantee that the right goods is in the right place and for the right price. It is a form of support which includes activities carried out in the sales area that aim to improve the attractivity of products and make sure the defined goals are reached.

,,Half of customers decide whether to buy a certain brand based on their impression, and this is important also when it comes to the shelves where the goods are placed."

We will provide for you: 

  • Placement of goods on shelves in accordance with norms
  • Replenishment of goods according to schedules
  • Rotation of goods
  • Control of correct price tags and secondary displays
  • Installation of shelves and POS materials
  • Monitoring of stock items availability in stores
  • Realizations of orders
  • Regular reporting

Complex retail service in stores and returning of faulty goods

Our coverage also includes complex services such as:

  • Operative day-to-day help available from our local employees
  • Procuration of orders and store reports
  • Maintenance of supplied goods as a part of the service offered by our merchandisers
Sales Promotion

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