Sales Force

  • Own distribution network ensuring sales
  • Local business representatives
  • Outsourcing of points of sale
  • Outsourcing of sales representatives
  • Ambulatory push sales


Our highly developed trade coverage offers a number of opportunities and has a high potential for product and service distribution among a wide range of customers regardless of their age, occupation or target group status. N&F Marketing Group, s.r.o. significantly lowers your expenses on administration, technical equipment and it will also guarantee a more free, flexible schedule for senior members of the company, since the majority of activities related to control, directing and reporting will be taken over by our project team.

N&F Marketing Group, s.r.o. is the only subject on the Czech and Slovak market that offers you a complex tailor-made solution of customer acquisition.


Short-term projects


  • Support with introducing a new product or service to the market
  • Seasonal or regional staff recruitment for the current sales team
  • Substitute staff in case of vacations or long-term illnesses

Long-term projects


  • Complete provision of high scale campaigns 
  • Recruitment and organization of permanent sales team of our clients
  • Management of sales teams
  • Experienced team of local business representatives
Sales Promotion Sales Services

Contact Information

N&F Marketing Group s.r.o.

Karolinská 654/2 
Prague 8, Karlin, 186 00 
Building - NILE HOUSE

Mobile: +420 725 725 860 369 
Phone line: +420 295 562 101