Sales Promotion

  • Sampling
  • Tastings and presentations
  • Hostessing


N&F Marketing Group, s.r.o. creates a dynamic image of the brand and products of its clients for consumers. It always prepares reports according to the criteria of the promo event from all presentation spots.


Tastings and product promotion

Tasting is an activity that connects demonstrations, face to face sales and customer relationships. Its advantage is that it appeals to all senses (hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell). It is important especially when introducing a new brand or product. Tasting can also be used to increase market potential, a fact not only market leaders use to their advantage. 

Tastings include:

  • Draft of the promotion concept
  • Draft of the visual design of the promo event
  • Tour plan preparation
  • Design and production of costumes for the promo event
  • Selection and training of hostesses/promotion team
  • Logistics, storage
  • Supervision during the event
  • Evaluation of results


Sampling is currently a very successful method how to get the product to the customers. It is essenially a distribution of samples directly to the hands of customers, who can try or eventually even buy the products. The products consequently become better known and sell better as well. 

We will provide:

  • Draft of the visual design and mechanics of sampling
  • Sampling permit from the authorities
  • Design and production of costumes for the promo event
  • Logistics and storage
  • Supervision of the quality of the event
  • Reports
Merchandising Sales Force

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