Sales Services

  • Sales points operation and running
  • In-house sales team organization
  • Price monitoring and audits
  • Mystery shopping

Sale points operation and running

Do you run your sale points ineffectively and expensively with minimal chance of reaching the defined targets? Leave them under the administration of N&F Marketing Group, s.r.o., we will provide everything for you, including staff which we will recruit and train.

In-house sales team organization

In accordance with your requests, we will set criteria and build an effective, functional sales force in your work environment. Let our company deal with statements like 'no one wants it', 'it is expensive' and 'I cannot do it'.

Sales skills training using our KNOW HOW

  • Combination of projects and ambulatory selling
  • Administration and paperwork processing

Price monitoring and audits

Information about the real level of prices on the local market or how the target group of the product or service reacts to the prices on the market. Price monitoring creates overviews of prices and their perception by customers.

We will provide: 

  • Monitoring of retail prices and price ranges according to confirmed logic
  • Facing checks
  • Pre-defined monitoring of competitors' activities
  • Monitoring customers' perception of  the product, service
  • Distribution management
  • Sales teams evaluation

The possibility to change price strategies quickly is what makes the difference between moderately and highly successful companies. 


Mystery shopping

A tool to discover shortcomings in the process of customer service and sale and a means to continually improve productivity and quality. We will provide you with detailed information on the state of service your customer receives. The analysis includes a wide range of information such as sales point evaluation, representation of your products in the sales area, evaluation of professional and sales skills of the team, also of processes connected to the realization of the sale itself, such as waiting time, delivery dates or repeated customer visits.

It includes:

  • Analysis processing draft
  • Monitoring of sale process and staff
  • Monitoring of customers' opinions and attitudes towards your product 
  • Realization of planned solutions using our KNOW HOW
Sales Force

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